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BENQ Medical Centre

BENQ Medical Centre is a joint hospital invested by BENQ Group, including Nanjing BENQ Medical Centre and Suzhou BENQ Medical Centre.

Built according to the standards of China’s Third Rank Hospital, Nanjing BENQ Medical Centre covers an area of about 400 thousand square metres with an investment of RMB 1.4 billion during the first phase. It provides both general and specific medical services. At present, there are 1500 beds. During the second and the third phases, it will run more medical projects including research experiments, clinical teaching and healthcare improvement. It has first rank clinical offices for internal medicine, surgery, gynaecology, paediatrics and traditional Chinese medicine, medical technique rooms for examination, screening, pathology and experiment, Advanced Endoscope Centre, ICU, International Medical Centre, Blood Purification Centre and so on. It conducts various medical activities including healthcare, rehabilitation, prevention, research and teaching.

Suzhou BENQ Medical Centre ran its business from December 2012. It is located at the National New High-Tech Industrial Development Zone in western Suzhou city. It covers an area of around 133 thousand square metres and will have 1500 beds according to the overall plan. The total building area is about 220 thousand square metres and 1000 beds are available during the first phase. It gives its initial priority to Heart Centre, Minimal Invasion Centre, Tumour Centre, Injury First-Aid Centre and Healthcare Centre. It hopes to develop distinctive offices, establish good reputation and gradually become a comprehensive hospital combining science, teaching and research.

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