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Caterpillar Research and Development Centre

Caterpillar was established in 1925 with its headquarters in Illinois of USA. It is the largest producer for engineering machinery and mining equipment in the world.

Caterpillar Research and Development Centre (CRDC) is located in Wuxi city of Jiangsu and has over 700 technicians. Its main function is to world-leading R&D and IPR management, and to support the implementation of Caterpillar’s strategy in both Chinese and other emerging markets. CRDC has become the largest R&D centre of Caterpillar outside USA and is giving technical support to China and other Asian regions.

At present, Caterpillar has registered four corporations, including CRDC, in Wuxi, and thus formed a comprehensive industrial chain covering production base to R&D centre. From 2005 to 2012, the total registered capital reached about USD 200 million and the total investment around USD 500 million. Moreover, Caterpillar made investment for businesses in Suzhou, Wujiang and Nantong of Jiangsu. In 1994, it established Caterpillar (Xuzhou) Ltd. in Xuzhou city of Jiangsu, whose factory covers an area of 170 thousand square metres. In 2013, Caterpillar (Xuzhou) will produce 24 thousand excavators and therefore become its largest production base in the world.

In 2012, CRDC was recognised by the Jiangsu Department of Commerce as the “Functional Organisation of Multinational Company”, in line with relevant regulations of Chinese Ministry of Commerce.

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