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East China Mineral Exploration and Development Bureau

Established in March 1955 in Nanjing, East China Mineral Exploration and Development Bureau has always been striving to explore minerals in solids and energy exploration. Moreover, as an enterprise, it makes efforts to mineral development and investment on the base of geological exploration.

The bureau has implemented the strategy of “going global” since 2008 and has established a mechanism for overseas project investment, management and withdrawal. Besides, it has worked out a project platform for global geological and mineral exploration and development and a project model for economic appraisal. It has a professional negotiator team for international investment as well as professional technicians for overseas projects. It has founded a fund for industrial investment, raising a fund of about RMB 1 billion from the public. In 2009, it acquired 24.86% of the shares of Arafura Company of Australia, which turned the bureau into the largest shareholder for Arafura. In 2011, it purchased 53.7% of the shares of the Australia Globe Metals and Mining Limited. In 2012, it became the largest shareholder of Australia TNG. The bureau will fully give full play to its strengthen in technology and capital, and will continue its communication with foreign partners to improve its international business.

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